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How to Avoid Long Term Vacancies in Los Angeles

Vacancies are best avoided by Los Angeles landlords, and not just because they’re expensive. They’re also stressful and can lead you to desperately approve tenants that may not be well-qualified. When rent isn’t coming in and you’re worried about the vacancy days piling up, you may lower your standards and allow a risky tenant to move into your property.

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Association Issues: Dealing Drugs from a Unit

QUESTION: Can a board be held liable if a unit owner has a permanent house guest that is dealing drugs from the unit? ANSWER: Neighbors are understandably concerned for their safety when they see a stream of strangers going into and out of a unit–some of them rough looking. If a resident suffers harm or…

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Condo Association: EV Charging

We recently had a homeowner request permission to install an EV charging station in his garage. That wouldn’t be a problem except he wants to use it to charge a car outside his garage.

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New California Laws, 2019 & 2020

Ab1482, California Rent Control, Under AB 1482, owners would still be able to evict tenants for: 

Nonpayment of rent
A breach of the material term of the lease
Nuisance, waste, unlawful, or criminal activity
Refusal to sign a written extension or renewal of the lease
Assigning or subletting
Refusal to allow the owner to enter the unit
The owner moving themselves or family into a unit
To substantially renovate
To go out of business altogether.

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Statewide Rent Control

At Bell Properties, we are strongly advising all of our owners that are currently exempt from this law to let us raise their rents to market and keep them there because we know that in the very near future, they will be affected. It is our duty to act in the landlord’s best interest and staying ahead of future laws that negatively affect them is one way we do that.

Questions on all this or what you can do? Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss options and strategies with you.

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Can you get sued, for posting a negative review?

Small businesses often live or die by word-of-mouth, as roughly 86% of U.S. consumers consult online reviews before patronizing a local business, according to a BrightLocal survey. So what happens if you post a negative review of a business and the business-owner tries to fight back, or even tries to silence you with a lawsuit? It’s a trend that’s…

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HOA Cameras

QUESTION:  I was chairman of our security committee. Only myself and my backup had access to the security camera system. This was to ensure the privacy of our tenants. The president demanded that I give access to board members stating that they have a right to see all HOA records. I refused stating privacy issues.…

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