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Monthly Management
Monthly Management
7 - 8% of collected rent*

The percentage that you pay depends on a couple of factors. Properties in highly desirable areas that rent for higher amounts will pay a lower percentage. We evaluate your property and provide you with a free rental analysis showing how much your property would rent for as well as a percentage for what you would pay in management fees. *$125/mo. minimum.



Monthly Management includes rent collection, electronic, on-line, in-person, and hundreds of cash pay locations, throughout LA, OC, San Bernadino and throughout the United States.  Regardless of where your tenants may be, or may be traveling, chances are excellent that we’ll have a payment location nearby.  We absorb all the payment processing costs.  The work that goes into collecting rents is extensive.  We also provide tenants the ability to opt-in for credit reporting.  Bell Properties offers so many advantages with our tools, technology and support that rise far above what your average property management firm provides.

Monthly Management
Tenant Placement Fee
50% of Month 1 Rent

We can place fully background checked tenants and help secure your investment for the term of the lease.  We do this with exceptional partners and years of expertise placing tenants.  This is not something we take lightly.  The leasing process is vitally important to the success of your property.  Never find yourself stuck with a bad renter again. Our team carefully screens every rental application we receive, ensuring we only place the best renters possible.  Placement includes, Marketing and Advertising, Property Showings, Screenings, and Lease Signing.


This fee covers renewing the lease with an existing tenant and adding any rent increases or additional terms. In most circumstances, rent can be raised 3-5% per year, depending on the market. Even a slight rent increase will cover this fee over the course of 12 months! If the tenant is moving out at the lease expiration and is a tenant that we placed, we will handle the deposit disposition for you and perform another tenant placement at the cost of our placement fee.

Owner Reporting, 1099S

Precise and accurate financial reporting is vital to what we do.  We love to communicate with our owners, and the owners portal is one of the many avenues we utilize to ensure our owners have full oversight of their properties.  Additionally we text and email with owners.  When you sign up with Bell, you can specify an authorization level, so when expenses come in above your pre-set level, we’ll call for authorization for routine maintence (not emergencies).   By utilizing our owners portal, you’ll be able to view actual invoices from vendors, query your trust account and view owner disbursements.  We pay owners via ACH, so you can be sure your revenue is in your account on the same day every month.  We leverage technology to ensure our rent collection and all processes happen, like clockwork.  Owners can view expenses and income anytime during the month.  Monthly reporting provides detailed income & expenses.  1099s, income and expense reports come out annually just two weeks after the end of the year.  Our owner clients rely on our expertise, around the clock, 24x7x365 - Bell is hard at work for you and your properties.


Inspections - Included

Inspections include a detailed report with pictures on the condition of your property both inside and out. We check all of the safety related items such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and the water heater bracing straps. We’re also checking the general condition of the property and ensuring all terms of the lease are being adhered to. We are at your property frequently.  We perform one annual inspection (included) and through our technology, tenants self inspect at the 6 month mark.



Quarterly Inspections:   $150

We are happy to perform multiple safety inspections per year or lease, but we won’t do them more than quarterly to respect the tenant’s privacy.

24x7 Maintenance Hotline
24x7 Maintenance Hotline:  Included

Maintenance coordination and communication is a vital link in the tenant landlord relationship.  When tenants call, we answer, 24x7.  All calls are recorded and attached to the associated account.  Bell doesn’t simply answer the phone, and dispatch emergency vendors at a huge cost to owners, we answer the phone and work with tenants to be sure the situation is TRULY an emergency, we troubleshoot and ask questions saving our owners money.  This is one of the many methods we save our owners money.  That’s why we can say good property management does not cost money, it pays!  Call us, any time, try it out:  800-341-3281 option 2.   After you call, and get a rep on the line, be sure to call us back and speak with your new property manager.



Property Management Lifecycle

Discover Our Services

We provide full service property management support

Property Marketing
Property Marketing.

Get the right tenant for your home with our team working to publicize your vacancy. We market our properties extensively across multiple platforms.

Tenant Screening
Tenant Screening.

We carefully screen every application we receive for your property. All applicants must meet our approval criteria & we use background & financial checks to qualify would-be renters.

Rent Collection
Rent Collection.

Our accounting specialists take care of all invoicing and billing for your home. We collect incoming payments, follow up with late tenants, & deposit your earnings to your account.


Are you tired of the headache associated with never-ending repair requests? Why not let our team take control. We process requests, dispatch workers, and get the job done fast.

Property Inspections
Property Inspections.

We schedule ongoing inspection visits for every home we represent. Inspections give us the chance to verify that tenants are respecting the terms of their leases.

Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting.

It's never been easier to monitor the financial health of your property investment. We create detailed statements for you every month and put everything in your digital account.


By carefully screening renters prior to placement, we're able to avoid almost all evictions. If unforeseen circumstances ever make an eviction necessary, we'll guide you through the process.

Legal Guidance
Legal Guidance.

Don't accidentally violate one of California's strict tenant-landlord laws and find yourself in bad shape. We work diligently to keep you compliant & keep you protected.

"New tenants moved in over nine months ago, the team at Bell Property Management, exceeds expectations!"


Why Choose Bell Properties?

We Keep You Informed
We Keep You Informed.

You need a property manager who puts your concerns first and who never stops working on your behalf. We answer your calls and emails quickly and we're never far from reach if anything comes up. Rest assured you have the experts on your side.

We Understand the Law
We Understand the Law.

Our team pays careful attention to the mix of federal, state, and local housing laws that govern your rental property. We make certain your home stays compliant and keep you protected against potential legal issues.

Renters Love Our Team, Too
Renters Love Our Team, Too.

It's important to have good relationships with your clients, but we also know how essential it is to keep tenants satisfied. We are kind & friendly and make sure our renters feel valued. This keep turnover rates low.

Our Offices are Fully Digital
Our Offices are Fully Digital.

We use powerful technology to stay connected with you. You can sign into your account at any time to review statements, inspection notes, and more. We also accept online rent payments & repair requests from tenants.


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