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What Does a Los Angeles Homeowners Association Board do for You?

One of the things we specialize in at Bell Properties is association management. Whether you have a homeowner’s association or a condo association, we can support your board, your residents, and your community. We have the tools and resources to help you run your HOA board with more efficiency, transparency, and success.

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How to Find the Best Tenants in LA County

When you’re renting out a property in Los Angeles County, one of the most important things you will do is choose a tenant. The tenant you place will have a major impact on your rental experience. When you place an outstanding tenant who pays rent on time, takes good care of the home, follows the lease requirements, and remains in place for several years – you can count on a successful tenancy. However, when you place the wrong tenant, you can count on the exact opposite. You’ll have to worry about lease infractions, late or unpaid rent, the potential for property damage, and even a potential eviction.

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Multi-Family Guide 101: What You Need to Know in LA County

A multi-family property is a building that has two or more residential units under one roof. Los Angeles County provides a unique market for investors who want to purchase multi-family properties. There are many good reasons to invest in these properties, and if you find yourself buying one, you have a few key things to think about. You’ll also enjoy several benefits compared to investors who build a portfolio of mostly single-family homes.

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