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What Does a San Gabriel Valley Property Manager do?

If you have never worked with a professional property management company before, you might not know what to expect. Every property manager is a little different, but there are a few things that are standard across the industry. When you’re looking to hire a management company, make sure you completely understand the scope of their services before signing a contract.

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Preventative Maintenance Tips Every LA & Orange County Landlord Should Know About

Maintenance is something that your rental property will always need, but sometimes they can destroy your budget and stunt your ROI. Routine and emergency maintenance issues can be simple or complex, and the best way to keep costs down is with a consistent and thorough preventative maintenance routine. When you’re proactive, you can greatly reduce the maintenance expenses that show up year after year.

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Rental Inspection Checklist – What Should You Look for in Orange County Rentals?

Inspecting your rental home serves two important purposes. First, it allows you to look for deferred maintenance that your tenant may not have reported. Second, it allows you to see if your tenant is following the terms of your lease. Every landlord should inspect the property before a tenant moves in and after a tenant moves out. However, you should also inspect at least once during the tenancy.

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